Company Principles

Our commitment to give you a great time : When we started off, we knew that we wanted to give our friends and our guests the best of treatment and also the best of all good times in life. This promise to ourselves is something that keeps pushing us to do our best always. We are always innovating and thinking of newer ways to entertain our guest and to thank them for giving us continued patronage.

The attitude that sets us apart : The goal to play the best role in the life of our patron and to be able to give them a wholesome experience is what sets us apart from other casinos world over. When we think about an inclusion in the casino, we do not at first think about the financial viability of the project but we think how much fun quotient it can bring about in the lives of our guests. That is what we honestly want our customers to guest to appreciate when they walk in inside. Every business is run with the profitability in mind but we run our casino with the ‘Fun’ that it can generate not only the ‘fund’ that it can generate!

The values that we live by : Honesty, integrity and continuously strife to give more than what is committed because we want our clients to be not just a hundred percent satisfied but two hundred percent satisfied when they walk out of our premises. And the next time they want to visit a casino, they should never think beyond us. That is the kind of service we deliver and we always strive to deliver.

Our Bingo games are a big draw : Our Halls are jam packed when we run a Bingo game. The complete infrastructure along with a trained and polite staff that conducts the game in the most appropriate way is our forte. It can never be better than what we can give. The hall can seat 200 in one game and you must be at the venue to see the fun our guest shave when there is a game going there. Why don’t you drop in this Friday evening? We bet you will have the most enjoyable Bingo game of your lifetime.